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Lance the Agronomist 

Lance the Agronomist, walks us through the growing process of the field corn. How did the Derecho affect the corn growth and farmers across Iowa? 

The field corn is at the V7 stage, farmers use this staging to help determine the size of the plant, which helps farmers determine what application of pesticides they can apply to the plants.

June 20th 2019

In the last 10 days the corn has doubled in height! The corn is now at stage V11!

June 30th 2019

The corn is about 10 feet tall! Lance the Agronomist shows the tassels starting to form. The corn is at R1 - the reproductive stage 1 because the corn is starting to form silk.  

July 9th 2019

Lance the Agronomist the stage of the corn: R3 

R3 is reproduction stage 3, the milk stage. The kernels on the ear of corn are at the same stage as sweet corn. We don't eat field corn, it's not sweet and sugary like sweet corn is.

August 9th 2019 

Lance the Agronomist explains how the derecho wind affected the corn crop. How will the farmers be affected in a few weeks when they begin harvest?

Derecho Storm: August 11th 2019 

110 mph winds

Harvest is right around the corner!  Lance the Agronomist explains the moisture content in the crop and what farmers are to expect this upcoming harvest.

September 22nd 2019

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