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Schlecht Hatchery with Marie Forret 

Take a virtual tour at Schlecht Hatchery in Miles, IA!  Marie walks us through the hatchery, touring the large incubators and brood room. 

National Thanksgiving Turkey FarmChat with Ron Kardel 

 Did you know that Iowa is home to some famous turkeys this year? Ron Kardel, a local Scott County farmer is raising this year’s presidential flock!

Christmas Tree Farm at Wyffels Tree Farm

 Tune in to a fun, holiday FarmChat about Christmas trees! Did you know that praying mantis live in Christmas trees?!?

Corn Farm Chat with Mike Paustian

Let's fly over the corn and watch Mike Paustian go through the process of how farmers prepare to harvest their corn in the fall.

Dairy Farm Chat with Cinnamon Ridge Dairy

Take a virtual tour through Cinnamon Ridge Farms! Learn about the different types of dairy cows and the dairy products they produce! Did you know all cheese is actually white? 

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