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Summer Ag Kits 

Over the summer, get ready to dive into 8 educational kits! Topics range from pollinators to beef cattle and so much more!  Watch the videos to complete your monthly kit. 


Brought to you by: River Bend Ag in the Classroom, Buchanan Ag in the Classroom, Linn County Education Outreach and Delaware Ag in the Classroom 


Activity 1: Dairy Production 

Materials Needed: Dairy Ag Mag, My Farm Web Activity 

Activity 2: Pollinators Around Us!   

Materials Needed: Pollination Ag Mag, Bag Butterfly Craft 


Activity 1: All About Beef! 

Materials Needed: Beef Fortune Teller 

Activity 2: Tools: Then & Now 

Materials Needed: Then & Now Match Up


Activity 1: What's in your Garden? 

Materials Needed: Pizza Ag Mag, Ingredient Match Up Worksheet 

Activity 2: "Head, Muscles, Heart and Bones" Poultry Edition

Materials Needed: Poultry Ag Mag  


Bonus Activity: All About Pork! 

Materials Needed: Pork Times, pencils and erasers 

Bonus Activity: Harvesting Corn and it's Byproducts  

Materials Needed: Packing Peanut Experiment  

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